About us

X-Company is a holding company that creates thriving business communities and platforms.


All of our products and communities are founded on the guiding principles.


How can I serve?

In every moment we look for an opportunity to add value to our customers and what they are trying to achieve in this world.


What can I be thankful for?

The best gift that we have in our lives is the ability to recognise what we have and be grateful for it.


Ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to community and culture that inspires and unleashes your inner hero.

Our current growth strategy has a symbiotic investment on our flagship service and product companies. X-Team is a services company which disrupts finding and maintaining talent. X-Team diversifies into specialist business units such as XWP (WordPress) and Xfive (Salesforce). This is all powered by XHQ. A culture and community platform which integrates other systems. XHQ has expanded as a product offer of its own which is currently being embraced by educational institutions.
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Dave Rosen

Founder, Director, XEO

What if a work wasn't about a paycheck but rather a mission which unleashed the best version of your life? For the last 15 years Dave has been on a journey to create a different type of company where the purpose is to champion people.

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