About us

X-Company is a holding company for XWP and X-Team. These companies enable leading brands to develop and scale software technology.


Our services and communities are founded on these guiding principles:


How can I serve?

We always look for opportunities to add value to what our customers are trying to achieve.


What can I be thankful for?

Our best gift is to be able to recognise what we have and be thankful for it.


Ensure that everyone has access to community and culture that inspires and unleashes their inner hero.

X-Company’s current growth strategy encourages synergistic relationships between its flagship companies. X-Team is a services company which gives clients a new way to find and retain specialist software engineering talent. X-Team spun off specialist businesses including XWP (a WordPress specialist). This is all powered by XHQ, a culture and community platform.
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Dave Rosen

Founder, Director, XEO

What if work wasn't about a paycheck but unleashing the best version of your life? For the last 15 years, Dave has been on a journey to create a different type of company - where the purpose is to champion people.

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